Just as, the atrocities of the Nazis, during World War 2, should not be blamed on all German people, and the extreme terrorism of a small number of Muslims, is not an indictment of all, practicing the religion of Islam, it is important to differentiate between a national political system, or any specific national leader, and most of the citizens of that country. One of the reasons, I enjoy traveling, is getting the experience and opportunity to speak to people from around the world, and discover their perceptions, objectives, priorities, and views, in order to overcome any preconceived notions and/ or biases. One notices, for example, people in Estonia, which was under Soviet rule, for a significant period, deeply appreciate the increased freedoms and liberties, they presently experience. Norwegian and Danes, are proudly independent, and, although they pay, high taxes, feel it’s worth it, because they trust their government and its intentions. While they pay around 50% taxes, they receive national health care, certain subsidies, free education, and retirement pensions, as part in f their benefits. Russians, living in St Petersburg, feel things are better than they were under Soviet rule, but not as good, as it was, under a previous Russian leader. They, too, receive free health care, but don’t take any freedom, for granted, and are cautious. Scots are very proud, and do not want to be considered British.

After Brexit, Europe lives on | The Japan Times

1. America, today: An interesting observation, is, a large majority, of those in foreign countries, appear genuinely confused, and dismayed, by why, our nation, elected President Trump. They fear for his apparent lack of world leadership, because, they have always considered America, as an example of freedom, democracy, and safety. They wonder, what’s going on brexit millionaire reviews!

2. Brexit: Those from London, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, overwhelmingly, rejected Brexit, and were dismayed, it was approved, The United Kingdom, is a widely diverse society, and, when Trump visited shortly after that vote, and congratulated them, on approving this action, Scots were somewhat appalled. Just as many oppose Trump’s bravado, rhetoric, etc, he is still President, but many of us, do not want to be held responsible for, or linked to his perspectives.

3. Russians and Russia: One should not link all the Russian people, with our perceptions of Putin, just, as, all Americans should not be judged, by the behavior and rhetoric of Mr Trump.

Nearly every nation has certain things, we could, and should, learn and benefit from. Will you please, be open – minded, enough, to try, to view people, as humans, simply, from a different country.

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