Cosmetics are made up of a blend of various chemical substances derived from either synthetic sources or natural ones. They are considered to be safe when used according to the instruction given by the manufacturers. However, there have been several instances when these substances have proved to be harmful for the users. Here is a list of some of the most common accidents that have occurred as a result of cosmetics.

What the Research Says About 10 Controversial Cosmetics Ingredients | SELF

When powders and microneedles interact with one another, it results in releasing a large amount of dust particles. This may lead to allergic reactions or irritation of the skin. If you find any type of allergy, it is important that you should immediately wash your hands with water and soap after coming in contact with these powders or microneedles. There are also certain oils and preservatives added to cosmetics that may be causing allergic reactions when they come into contact with your skin

One of the most commonly found ingredients in cosmetics products is color additives. These color additives are used to make the color of a cosmetic product look more appealing. They do this by adding different kinds of dyes to the product. Some of the dyes that are commonly found in cosmetics include FD&C colors (FD&C stands for hexachlorobenzo-carbons), mercury, and cadmium. Most of the time, these color additives do not contain any form of preservative.

The use of petroleum jelly as an ingredient in cosmetics has also proved to be harmful. These lotions and creams often clog the pores of the skin and thus cause dryness, itching, and other skin problems. In order to avoid the occurrence of such problems, people are advised to apply these lotions and creams only after taking proper care of their skin. After all, cosmetics should not be used for their original purpose, which is, to enhance beauty.

According to a study conducted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, some states in the united states have banned the use of mercury in many cosmetic products. The European Union has also prohibited the use of certain ingredients in cosmetics that could increase the risk of developmental disorders in developing children. Many international environmental groups have also raised a concern about the ingredients in lotions and creams. These groups have asked the United States federal agencies to conduct further research about the ingredients in such cosmetic products.

There are many types of safe cosmetics in the market. Some of them include sunscreens, nail polish, eyeliners, lotions, lipsticks, and facial creams. However, it is important to choose only those cosmetics that have no form of color additives. Cosmetics need not be free of preservatives and other artificial ingredients. The US Food and Drug Administration approved some of the most effective and safe cosmetics in the market.

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