Fungal infections are of common occurrence in many, especially in the tropical countries. Normally fungi are available on human body surface and thrive on damp, humid conditions of the human body. Most fungal infections are harmless but severity of these infections often lands one in embarrassing situations. These infections occur not only in skins, but also on scalp and finger nails.


General symptoms of fungal infections appear as rashes resulting in red colored patches, severe itching, sometimes followed by mild fever. Skin becomes itchy, cracked in between the toes. Sometimes smelly discharge is noticed in the infected areas. Infection in scalp results in hair fall.


The causes of fungal infections are many, but the general causes are –

1. Moist and damp skin areas, especially in the folds of skin of obese persons and groin area, use of dirty shoes and socks as in athlete’s foot, over sweating and dirty health and hygienic habits.

2. It also occurs through contamination by using objects used by keravita pro others like towel, handkerchief etc.

3. Deficiency of essential minerals, prolonged medication, low body immunity, diseases like cancer and diabetes also leads to fungal attacks.

Natural Cures

The fungal infection can be cured by prescribing anti fungal creams and tablets, but the natural ways of curing showed miraculous results in complete curing of the disease.

1. Application of cider oil and vinegar is good for skin yeast infections.

2. Raw garlic is very useful to treat fungal infection both by applying externally or eaten regularly. It is a good anti microbial agent that fights infection.

3. Use of tea tree oil is helpful in jock itch infection reducing the itching and healing at the same time.

4. To reduce itching, application of a mixture of baby oil and Vitamin E is highly effective.

5. Some natural fungicidal herbs like myrrh, black walnut, castor bean oil can be taken as supplements as they eliminate the harmful micro organisms from the body without any significant side effects.

6. Mixture of olive leaf extract and grape fruit seeds can be taken with a glass of water to heal the infection.

7. Including yoghurt in diet or application, are effective in controlling the yeast infections.

8. Aloe Vera gel soothes the skin and helps in healing because of its anti parasitic properties.

9. Drinking plenty of water flushes out the toxins resulting in the curing of infections.

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