There is money to be had in giving people scans in their own homes or private accommodations. Many people with illnesses or disabilities need a check-up on a routine basis, and it is easier and often cheaper for them to have an independent provider who gives them private scans in their own home. Privacy is one issue, since they do not have to be seen coming into the hospital frequently, but it is also just a convenience to have a health worker visit them.

Obtaining a certification means seeking out an accredited school. Universities are the most prestigious places to learn, but are also the most expensive. Visiting a community college or specialized trade school can be the cheapest option, while still providing a good education. Wherever a degree is obtained, it is important to be certified in medicine. To become a scanner, a person only needs home care services to have a certificate, although they might need a bit more in order to operate a business.

That is the beauty and challenge of becoming vendor of private scans: it requires little schooling, and there are plenty of people wanting service in their home. On the other hand, those same customers might want a broader service, as can only be provided by a registered nurse. To this end, it would be wise to combine scanning with a degree in nursing, or otherwise be partnered with a nurse who makes house calls. A person whose sole function is to sell scans might want to combine their service with other conveniences, such as fresh flowers or even grocery shopping.

For a person who chooses to combine private scans with home nursing, they will find an enormous supply of business. There are many people who find it difficult or painful to leave their home. Having someone visit them not only avoids them a costly trip, it allows them to remain at ease in familiar surroundings. Many people, especially those in old age, prefer to form relationships with a single provider of a service such as chiropodist, carer, or in this case scanner.

A client may well be willing to pay for the service of having someone visit them or to go in to a private hospital for the scan rather than suffer long queues and waiting rooms. A private nurse might be better able to provide personalized care, since they work with fairly regular set of clients and learns their individual conditions and needs. The personal doctor is being replaced with the personal nurse. To that end, it pays to have excellent people skills. There are enough independent nurses that the friendliest and most accommodating will get and retain business.

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