While designing a website a web designer should follow some important rules. These different rules are explained as follows.

The very first rule is you should add easiness to your website.

This rule means that your website should be easy to read for your visitors. For designing a website that is easy for your visitors you need to carefully select what text and background colors you would use in your website. You should always select backgrounds that are suitable to your text. Don’t use such backgrounds that make your text difficult to read and understand. Also while using colors you should take care that they are not tough to read. Use light color background for Dark-colored text, this will make that text easier to read than light-colored text on a dark-colored background.

You also would not like to keep your text size so small that would be very hard to read by your eyes or very large that will appear to shout at your visitors. To maintain easiness it would be always darknet links better to keep the position of your main text to the left and not in center. This would help your visitors to be contented with what they are reading.

The second important rule is your web site should be simple to navigate.

Website navigation is one of the significant factors to look after in your website. To make navigation simple and easy for your visitors all of your hyperlinks need to be clear, graphical images like buttons or tabs should be well and clearly labeled. A graphic designer is required to select backgrounds, colors, textures and special effects on your web graphics very watchfully. Instead of having flashy effects it is more vital to design your navigational tabs and buttons that are quite simple to read and comprehend.

Colors used for text links should be familiar to your visitors. In general a blue color text link is used to show the link which is not visited before and reddish purple text link is used to represent visited link. If you want your text links to be highlighted in some other way then you can try larger text size. Text links in a website need to be unique. They should not look same as other text in your website. They should not look the same as any other text in your web pages.

The third important rule is your web site should be easy to find.

Many new companies have the belief that they just need to build a website and the visitors will come by themselves. However, they should understand that People will not come to your web site if you will not promote your site. You need to promote your site both online as well as offline.

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