I have been an Internet junkie for many years.  Just in the past few years however, I saw the potential for making money online.  I have gone through countless money-making schemes, signed up, only to be disappointed when they asked for money up front.  They wanted me to pay for the privilige to make money.  Sometimes it was a low fee, sometimes it was in the hundreds of dollars.  I said “No Thank You!” 

Soon, I discovered survey sites and “paid email” sites such as Inbox Dollars or Send Earnings.  I have made some money doing these, but it was hard work and the payoff was relatively small.  Still, I got my first taste of earning money on the Internet with basically no out of pocket expense for me.  Sometimes I even did a few offers where I paid for something, but was rewarded with a higher payout.  Buying something on the Internet and then being rewarded?  Now that made sense!!  I could buy something I wanted and get a “rebate”? Cool!

This was a prelude to what I would soon discover – something that was so mind-boggling, I didn’t accept it at first.  Almost two years ago Buy Stripe Accounts, I discovered “freebie trading” – an awesome opportunity to make money online, fast and easy!  When I first read about it, I was skeptical.  I just thought it was another money-making scheme.  But I decided to try it.  The start-up cost was relatively small – later I discovered I could have gotten into the business absolutely free, but that’s another story!  After completing the requirements, I found a “Freebie Forum” where people were waiting for people like me, and wanted to pay me for my services! 

I found someone that I liked, contacted them, and before I knew it, they had me signing up on a freebie site and told me to complete offers – I was already familiar with doing this, so I didn’t have a problem with it.  After finding a couple of offers that I was interested in, I completed them, and soon after, I was “green” on the site.  “Going green” is a term largely associated with this industry.  When I informed the person who sent me the site link, she immediately paid me $20!  Wow!  $20 just like that!  Immediately, right in my paypal!  Well of course I told her I wanted to do another site, and she quickly sent me another link.  I did some more offers, “went green”, and lo and behold, she paid me another $20!  Needless to say, I was hooked.  This really did work!  Soon I completed several sites, and ended up making over $300 my first week! 

Once I had gotten enough experience as a referral, it was time for me to become a “trader.”  I was able to create a “trade thread” on the freebie forum, and was soon getting referrals to “go green” for me.  I would pay them $20 and keep $20 for myself.  I have been doing this now since I started, and the extra income is great considering I am a single mom raising a teen-age daughter.  I love doing this, and it assures me that if I ever lose my job, I have options.  Please visit my blog for more information.

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