1. Who will emerge from wild-card weekend as the 2010 version of the New York Giants 2007, who won everything as a fifth seed; or the sixth seed from 2005, the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL champion? You can consider the Green Bay Packers. After a gap of one-year from the playoff, coach Mike McCarthy’s team is making its best play since the loss last 8 November that was very embarrassing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who were then-winless, having won seven of its last eight. Quarter back Aaron Rodgers is playing a good game in the league right now; this was said by former Ravens coach Brian Billick.

The Dom Capers, 3-4 defense has a made a league-high 30 interceptions. Linebacker Rodgers has shown toughness and became an inspiration to teammates in shaking off a league-worst 50 sacks and became the first quarterback in the history of the league to throw for 4,000 yards his first two seasons as a starter. Aaron Rodgers is a phenomenal player, says Jim Miller from Sirius NFL Radio, a former quarterback. The Packers seem to have found their game with the help of Ryan Grant. But Mason Crosby a kicker is 27-for-36, translating 75% of his field goals and the postseason games can be reduced to a field goal, said Miller Superslot.

2. Can the Baltimore Ravens who are sixth-seeded, overcome a lot of injury from its secondary and with destructive tendencies as the second team with the most penalties? Cam Cameron Offensive coordinator has created a balanced, ninth-ranked scoring offense that runs Ray Rice running back through, who has 2,041 yards from disputes and a team-best 78 receptions. Miller said that he like this Ravens team all. Now, they have started to focus on running the football than earlier in the year. There are some issues regarding the secondary that lost Lardarius Webb and Fabian Washington. Now, they don’t have the ability to prevail over their mistakes like they could then. Before, they were able to impose their will when they failed with the lack of steady offense. Now after making mistakes, they cannot overcome them.

3. Can the Philadelphia Eagles who are sixth-seeded, survive the loss of center Jamaal Jackson to a knee injury on Week 16? Coach Andy Reid is a former offensive lineman from Brigham Young University knows that postseason runs start up front. Nick Cole a right guard replaced Jackson, with Max Jean-Gilles stepping in for Cole. Can the Eagles finally win that hard to get Super Bowl with the most dangerous weapons of McNabb’s career? It will be hard because he is a great player and a big guy that can restore the line of scrimmage, says Miller. Jamaal Jackson is a nasty player. Losing the key block in the center position is a very big loss.

4. Is it the same New York Jets? No. The same old Jets could have missed the playoffs in spite of the late-season gifts from the Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals, who substituted their starters to rest while the Jets make the most of a win scenario with back-to-back victories. You can dismiss them as lucky at your own risk. Rex Ryan made an unpredictable overload blitzing scheme that was backed by the Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis’ shut-down is allowing a league-best 14.8 points a game. The Jets made a league-best rushing attack averaging 172.2 yards.

Ryan said the Jets should be favored to win Super Bowl, their weakness? Rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez. After starting with a 3-0, in the April draft he was the fifth over all selection, he hit the rookie wall, and forgot to slide. He’s 0-5 and he throws more than one interception. Whether they were lucky into the playoffs with Indianapolis pulling out their starters, the Jets are definitely good enough, says Miller. They have great defense and run the football. But the immaturity in their quarterback spot could cost them the game.

5. With Chris “Beanie” Wells the rookie averaging 4.5 yards rushing, can the Arizona Cardinals who are more balanced finish what they have not done in the final minutes of Super Bowl XLIII versus the Steelers? These Cardinals are now even better than the previous heavy team that came within a last-minute Ben Roethlisberger pass to Santonio Holmes touchdown pass of winning their first Super Bowl. Miller asks what quarterback has been better in postseason play than Kurt Warner? Now, they are a more well-rounded football team. But what about Kurt Warner? If he is hot, they are a sure winner, but if he is off in any of the game, then the team will lose. In four of their five losses where Warner has played, he has thrown 11 out of 14 interceptions.

6. Can the Bengals cope up with the scoreboard? Marvin Lewis the coach of the Bengals has been steady in guiding the tea, through two tragic losses, the sudden, October death of Vikki Zimmer, wife of Mike Zimmer defensive coordinator, and the tragic Dec. 17 death of Chris Henry wide receiver. But a 22nd-ranked scoring offense that is run-oriented is least potent among the playoff field. Take away Chad Ochocinco the receiver and Palmer has no other big-play options, as his one 300-yard passing game reflects. If they are two touchdowns down, can they catch-up? ask Miller. They need the game to be close where it’s only a touchdown or a field goal. If it boils down to a shootout, the Cincinnati Bengals can’t compete.

Continuation to the Super Bowl 44 Q & A. 7. Can the New England Patriots run the game as a wild card, with the distinction to the victorious favorite that lost its flawless dream season in Super Bowl XLII? Just when they thought that they have everything under control, the Patriots lost their very strong offensive heart and soul, when Wes Welker their slot receiver and his league-leading 123 receptions, got a serious knee injury on Week 17. A scoring defense on the fifth-rank allowed 17.8 points and the game has clamped down. Every one is still pointing at their defense. Is the pass rush still there for team New England? Ask Miller. They have shown the capability for the past couple of weeks to pressure the quarterback. It is a team that is starting to get its composure back together again.

8. Is Tony Romo prepared to take the Cowboys for the first time to a Super Bowl since 1996? Romo was able to remove his December mischief goblin, and came out as a poised decision-maker and clutch winner with the Cowboys’ 24-17, Week 15 victory against the New Orleans who were then unbeaten inside the Superdome. As Trent Dilfer ESPN analyst notes, Romo is making confident pre-snap reads and taking advantage of his group of running backs Felix Jones, Marion Barber and Tashard Choice to set up play-action strikes to Jason Witten, Miles Austin, Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd. Their wild-card rematch against NFC East rival Philadelphia is Romo’s opportunity to achieve deliverance for his 0-2 playoff record. They are already starting to play like a Super Bowl team, said Miller. Because of the victory over New Orleans, they have already set a standard. If they can continue with it into the playoffs, they will be a tough team to beat.

9. Can Brett Favre lead the Vikings to that Lombardi Trophy he came off his Mississippi tractor to win? Moon said he really think they have as good shot as any team to win in the Super Bowl. They can run the ball on offense and they can also stop the run on defense as good if not better than anybody. And they have Brett Favre a quarterback who has a great deal, if not more, playoff experience than anybody. Those things are really a plus factor for them. What happened, why did they loose two of their last three? They have transferred into Brett Favre’s team, instead of Adrian Peterson’s team; this is what analyst Greg Cosell of the NFL Films says. Peterson has two times as many lost fumbles as 100-yard rushing games.

10. Are the San Diego Chargers this season’s 2006 Colts – a not so lucky team hardened by harsh playoff frustration (2007 AFC Championship Game loss) to finish on the brink of celebrating a Super Bowl 44 breakthrough? The guys have been around for a while and have suffered a lot of heartaches and lots of disappointments, A.J. Smith Chargers general manager says. Going to the playoffs all the time pays extra. The longer time you’re in the tournament, the more the tremendous pressure of trying to get to the Super Bowl. We already know the experienced. Rivers is playing at his best football of his career at the proper time. Can this be his time to win a Super Bowl title and follow 2004 first-round draft classmates Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger? He also wants to win it, Smith says of QB Philip Rivers. With a bit of luck, that will happen for all of us.

LaDainian Tomlinson Running back is in good health for the first time after his injuries limited him for the past two postseasons. And he’s behind the game’s best line, Madden said, who is keep an eye on the league closely in retreat and trying to bring acknowledgment to the game’s best offensive lines in a crusade with Prilosec. I will tell you that the offensive line has gotten better, said Madden.

11. Can coach Sean Payton and Drew Brees get a Lombardi Trophy for the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast region they recognize as their calling?
Can they ignite their offense after hitting the postseason in a three-game tailspin?
Drew Brees and the Saints have a remarkable offense, Greg Cosell NFL Films analyst says. No one does it better than Sean Payton in terms of formations and personnel. A concern is about their 26th-ranked pass defense. They found out that Malcolm Jenkins cannot play corner.

12. Can Peyton Manning & the team justify Colts coach Jim Caldwell’s decision to pull out his starters in Week 16 versus the Jets, which passed a possible 19-0 in favor of preserving a Super Bowl 44 title run? Even if there is a rash of injuries, the Colts hold the seventh ranked scoring defense. They allow 19.2 points a game, and their sixth ranked offense has an average of 26 points. They won most games this decade with 115. They have a Super Bowl title to show for that success, compared with the Patriots three and the Steelers two during that span. This shows how great the competition will be in the next Super Bowl 44.

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