Looking for a Vietnam travel guide before you go? Vietnam is an ancient Southeast Asian country with stunning beaches, rivers, tranquil forests, bustling cities and ancient monuments. Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, pays tribute to the legendary leader, Ho Chi Minh, through a massive marble statue. Ho Chi Minh City (once again, formerly Saigon) contains many beautiful French colonial buildings, plus Vietnamese War memorial museums and the famous C ứ Chi tunnels, which were used by VC troops.

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Known as the “rice terraces” of Vietnam, Hanoi offers some of the best scenery in Vietnam. Situated in what is known as the” Highlands,” Hanoi’s natural landscape is spectacular with green fields, small mountain towns and rice terraces. One can see why Vietnam’s tourism attractions are so popular. The best time to visit Hanoi is from May to October, as temperatures there are milder compared to other Southeast Asian countries.

Perhaps one of Vietnam’s most famous sights is the mui ne, which means waterfall. The waterfalls in Hanoi were created due to geothermal seepage, which warm water naturally occurs in Hanoi. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind large deposits of salt and minerals. These minerals have formed into beautiful waterfalls that add elegance to the mui ne vietnamjour.com. The best things to do in Hanoi include trekking up to the edge of one of the waterfalls or taking a boat ride up to the edge of the falls.

While traveling Vietnam, you will find it easy to visit one of the most popular attractions in Vietnam, which is the Thanh La. The Thanh La offers a variety of interesting attractions such as historic temples, pagodas, a market, a zoo and even an old-fashioned beer house. The best time to visit Vietnam is from late spring to early fall, when the weather is warm and there is usually a lot of rain. The Thanh La can be reached by taking either a bus or a train.

Vietnam travel guide concludes with a review of the best part of Vietnam, its cuisine. Although Vietnamese cuisine varies greatly, the most popular dishes are: Pho, Trung, Haupia, Hue, Langkah and Ngu Massam. In addition to the variety of foods, Vietnam offers a complete guide for traveling through the country. This includes maps, which tell you where to stay and what to do in each town, and a list of restaurants that offer some of the best meals in Vietnam. The price for all this information is very reasonable, especially when considering the convenience and joy it can bring to your holiday.

Finally, in the Vietnam travel guide, you learn about Vietnam’s culture and tradition. This is perhaps the most appealing aspect of the country for foreigners, since the people are very warm and friendly. You will also be able to see mementos from Vietnam’s history, such as the five thousand wooden pagodas that are still standing in the cities like Hanoi and Phuoc Chau. It’s possible to see the old city of Hanoi along the Hoan Kiem Lake. If you get the chance to tour Vietnam, don’t miss out on this chance to learn more about the rich history of Vietnam and to experience the locals’ hospitality.

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