We Are Caribou is the new Canadian band fronted by Jannick Youngerman. This is his second solo album and he wants it to be a real revolution. He wants to change the world with what he’s creating. The music is quite unique with a heavy metal sound, but it’s still very much their own.

Jannick has said that this record may take nine months to create. It’s quite an ambitious record, considering that most bands have a couple of albums to break up and get their writing flowing. This will be the group’s debut and is already going to be interesting. They plan on touring with High On Fire as well as A Day To Remember.

One interesting thing about We Are Caribou is that they use real instruments in their recording. They did not use samples or loops to help them create their music. Each song is played like it was being played live. That creates a connection for their audience We Are Caribou.

They aren’t afraid to mix things up either. They played their first record with a drum kit, then played acoustic guitar for their second. They are constantly writing new songs and playing with their sound engineer, but they will keep their original band identity.

If you like We Are Caribou, then you are going to love their other records. They have created seven EPs so far and plan on releasing four more. Those will be on independent labels such as Trouble Press. He hopes to make a big name for his band in that time.

Jannick Youngerman is one of those musicians that seems to be everywhere. He is active in the Montreal indie scene as well as performing solo and with other bands. This is only his second album though. Hopefully it will be just as good as his first. For fans of We Are Caribou, we can’t wait to hear what he does next. This is sure to be great. record} This man has brought some great musicianship to his craft. With the backing of We Are Caribou, he is able to create high quality music and bring it to fans all over the world. The band has been able to play anywhere that is willing to let them perform. They have a following in Canada and even in the United States.

They have many supporters too. Many are actually buying their music because they like what they listen to. Even their fans seem to love the music that they create. They make music that people want to pay money for. They offer something unique and interesting. They aren’t afraid to challenge themselves with their sound.

They are the perfect band to release an independent album if you have never done it before. If you have been making music for a while, this might be the band for you. They are hard workers and are constantly writing new music. You should definitely take notice of them. Their music is definitely worth checking out.

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